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Intellifi, provides businesses with a Public Wifi management system that has  a branded and personalised Wifi Landing Page, protects the businesses public network against cyber crime and has a POPI compliant registrations portal requesting your clients to accept your Wifi terms and conditions before using your service.  This in turn creates an unique opportunity to create additional revenue through the sale of vouchers or direct marketing. 

Intellifi was established in 2016 with R500 in our pockets and a drive to disrupt the normal ways of Wifi services. With regular meetings at a central McDonalds at 06:00 am sharp, Cappuccino and sometimes a breakfast burger kick started our mornings before returning to our day jobs. 

Through validated learning, perseverance, a client/customer first mindset and the drive to be different, a systematic approach was followed to tailor our robust service delivery. By following a validating approach and working in and on our solution, we were able to create a unique Public Wifi management solution.

We launched our product to predominantly restaurants which met and exceeded their specified requirements. Through our personal touch and client interaction, we were able to build our network of service delivery and soon commenced and secured bigger projects, as the trusted service provider.


We offer the following internet connectivity options to our customers, based on availability:

  • LTE;
  • ADSL;
  • Fibre; or
  • VSAT

INTELLiFi acts as a reseller for Tier 1 and Tier 2 Internet Service Providers in supplying internet connectivity. INTELLiFi is responsible, capable and equipped to resolve level 1 support queries. INTELLiFi receives advanced and priority assistance from Tier 1 and Tier 2 Internet Service providers for issue resolving beyond level 1.

The Wifi management system will be responsible and capable of the following:

  • Manage all Wifi traffic, only allowing users who have successfully registered to connect or purchased a voucher, access to the internet;
  • Create multiple IP Ranges for each connected device which will ensure each connection is safe from other users;
  • Enable our Customers to control the bandwidth and data allocation to each user as well as to block or unblock users; and
  • Present a branded landing page on the public Wifi.

The branded landing page is an HTML based webpage presented to customers when connecting to the public Wifi. This enables the page to be customized in real time and to be changed to our Customers specifications. This also creates the opportunity for our Customers to add Google analytics or Facebook analytics to their landing page.

Before customers will be granted access to the internet, they will be required to either purchase a voucher in hard copy or online on the landing page of the Wifi or alternatively complete a questionnaire. The questionnaire will request the customer’s name, surname, email address, telephone number and any other questions that our Customers would like to pose to their customers. Vouchers are sold at a price determined by our Customers. Wifi users are requested to accept our Customers Terms and Conditions associated with using their Wifi.

The administration and report portal will not only allow our Customers to make business easier for itself but also allow:

  • Full remote control over their Wifi hotspots;
  • Status updates on hardware’s health;
  • The export of captured data from the registration’s portal; and
  • The generation of reports on:
    • User usage;
    • User sessions;
    • Landing page visits;
    • Time of day usage;
    • Day of the week usage;
    • Returning visits;
    • Engagement;
    • User Devices; and
    • Browsers used.

Databases and reports are stored on encrypted servers for 24 Months and at the immediate disposal of our Customers.

INTELLiFi pages uses Secure Sockets Layer (SSL – https) security which ensures that all data is transferred to servers in secure form.

Once a user is logged in to the public Wifi, communication sent or received from all websites that use https protocols (Google, Facebook, online banking, etc) are secured and encrypted by the browser and channeled through the router in an encrypted format. The same is applicable for all secure protocols (ssh, secure pop3 or imap, etc). Data from normal websites (starting with http protocols) and other non-secure protocols are sent as clear text between the user’s device and the router.

INTELLiFi’s system uses radius authentication which ensures that your network cannot be accessed without a valid username and password. A delayed authentication measure was introduced which ensures that if someone attempted brute-force entry to the network, it will not affect operation thereof.

Dedicated support will be available to our Customers in the following forms:

  • INTELLiFi support team member dedicated to our Customers service delivery (Applicable for 50 + sites);
  • Email Support;
  • Pro-active system sweeps and alerts;
  • Daily system health reports;
  • Remote Desktop Support; and
  • Telephone Support.

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    • We deliver a tailored and personal service with 24/7 dedicated support;
    • Our team has extensive knowledge which will benefit the operations of our Customers and support your goal of not only servicing your clients but the community;
    • Client insight gathered will ensure accessible and usable data to better understand and service customer needs. These insights will drive social awareness and customer needs. Live interaction with our Customers users;
    • INTELLiFi adapts and creates products that are unique and according to our Customers requirements;
    • Our secure network ensures browsing and interactions with public Wifi at the comfort of our Customers users which is user friendly; and
    • INTELLiFi will assist you to identify, expose and enjoy the full benefits of public Wifi.