Are you tired of being afraid in your own home?

With ever-looming threats of cyberbullying, underage exposure to explicit content, data privacy leaks and cybersecurity threats, our homes, just like any other IT Environment, are exposed on 5 fronts:‚Äč

1. Content

The content we consume can leave us vulnerable to cyber bullying or addiction

3. Viruses

Malicious developers distribute bad software designed to infect and damage our systems to gain access to our data

5. Private Networks

Our private networks consist of cables and Wi-Fi. Whenever anyone has access to either of these network topologies our entire infrastructure is exposed.

2. WAN

The internet - what we see and how we interact with it directly affects our security

4. Privacy

We are exposed to malware whenever we interact with the internet incorrectly, such as visiting illicit websites exposing our private data

Protected your family against all the major cyber threats

Protect Your Family

against the threats of online harm

Know the


Internet Speed

Wi-Fi Speed

Know if you are Throttled!

Keep full insights on your internet connection speed and monitor your ISP performance

Simple Setup

Your Main Router is loaded with our bespoke software to take full control and enables management of your network from the palm of your hand


Creates your local network and connects your home to the internet (Our Software is compatible with MikroTik)


Wi-Fi Management software to put control back into your hands


Designed to Keep you Connected and in Control

Protect your family, be in control and browse with confidence.

Intellifi Home App Annual License


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Gigabit Router
Intellifi Home App Annual License

1000 Mbps ethernet connection
2.4Ghz & 5.8Ghz Wi-Fi

Standard Router
Intellifi Home App Annual License

100 Mbps ethernet connection
2.4Ghz Wi-Fi

Need a Serious Wi-Fi Range Extender?

Tri-band (1x 2.4GHz & 2x 5GHz) home access point with meshing technology. If you are looking for a Wi-Fi solution to cover a large building with all kinds of obstacles, simply add more Audience devices to your network. With a press of a button, they will seamlessly sync and create a single Wi-Fi network.

No Contracts

Buy your annual license and you are covered for the year

Brilliant Support

Professional technicians ready to assist remotely or by phone

Proactive Monitoring

Our software is AI driven with live fault alerts and proactive monitoring

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