Are you providing Wi-Fi to the public?

How does your public Wi-Fi measure up?

1. Secure

Intellifi Public Wi-Fi is secured with VPN and User Isolation.

3. Smart

Intellif public Wi-Fi allows you to Analize your customers behavior on your network

5. Monitizing

Monetize your Wi-Fi with paid Wi-Fi access, marketing your products or services or marketing other brands.

2. User Friendly

Connecting to an Intellifi Hotspot is easy and seamless.

4. Managed

Know who is on your network what phone they are using and control their access.

6. Retargeted Marketing

Capture your customers data to retarget them in your marketing campaigns.

Take control and put your business first!

With an Intellifi Public Wi-Fi Network you will have customer-orientated features such as:

Greet your Customers to your Network

Your guests should never second guess the network they are on! Welcome your customers to your Wi-Fi with a beautifully designed and branded landing page, providing your customers insight into your business and sharing what is most important to you.

Let your customers sign up to your Wi-Fi network

Your customers are visiting your premises and using your internet to their advantage. Make sure you know who is on your network and that your customers not only sign up to use your Wi-Fi but also sign up for future communication and promotions.

Customize your Portal On-the-Fly

Make modifications to your splash pages in real time. Change free package limits. Every change or modification you make are instant as routers display splash pages from the cloud.

Invite more people to your business by showing them a daily special, coupon or discount!

Data Capture

Add fields that need to be filled out by your guests. Request email, phone number or other data or you can even create up to 5 custom questions. All data are available for remote processing through csv files or API.

Video Ads

You can set the landing page to open with a Youtube video that must be viewed by your customers before they can continue. Optionally they can skip the video after a predefined time.

Manage your network

You are in control of your network with powerful features such as:

  • User Management
  • User bandwidth control
  • User specific connection control
  • Wi-Fi scheduling
  • Illicit content restriction

  • Powerful Insights

    Not always on the floor between your guests? Your Wi-Fi is! We gather powerful insights from your public Wi-Fi about what is happening in your public space.

    Password Protected Landing Pages

    You can easily set a common password for all users and change them periodically from the Control Center. This is much easier than configuring the router and set up a password for the SSID itself.

    Send Customer Data to your Favorite Sytems

    As you can grab any data from your customers, like name and e-mail, you can automatically add them to Mailchimp, Constant Contact, even to your own database!


    Integrate your Public Wi-Fi with TripAdvisor, your marketing database or any other platform that will assist you in growing your business. Take control of your network with Intellifi’s simple solution and change your good old Wi-Fi into a powerful business machine.

    Dedicated Support

    Our team is always on standby to support your public Wi-Fi! You are great at your game - let us be great at ours. We'll take care of any support queries that may arise in your environment!


    Designed to Keep you Connected and in Control

    From only R 599 PM

    Take control of your network with Intellifi’s simple solution and Secure your Customers, Network and IT Infrastructure.

    No Contracts

    If you're not 100% satisfied with our public Wi-Fi you can cancel anytime without any fees or penalties

    24/7 Support

    Round-the-clock technicians ready to help online or by phone.

    Proactive Monitoring

    Our fibre-backed connectivity solutions are monitored in real time

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