How can I secure my home network?

With Intellifi’s Home Network Management App the following security protocols are implemented on router level, securing your entire home network: ● Firewall ● VPN ● Anti-Malware ● DDoS Protection ● Intrusion Alert ● DNS filtering and request management ● Content Filtering ● User Management

Why is public Wi-Fi unsafe?

As we all know, once we have connected to a Wi-Fi network and we have entered the password of said Wi-Fi network, our devices remember the password forever. The next time you are within reach of the Wi-Fi network, your device automatically reconnects to the saved Wi-Fi network. In meantime, someone named Mr Darth has… Continue reading Why is public Wi-Fi unsafe?

Why is my network susceptible to online threats?

Your network is connected to a large public network, called the Internet. This can be compared to your house in your neighborhood. When we install internet from your Internet Service Provider, you have built a driveway from your home to the street – the network between you and all the homes around you. You can… Continue reading Why is my network susceptible to online threats?