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Intellifi, was established in 2016 with R500 in our pockets and a drive to disrupt the status quo of Wi-Fi. With regular meetings at McDonald’s Midrand at 06:00 am sharp, Cappuccino and sometimes a breakfast burger kick started our mornings before returning to our day jobs.

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Our vision

Our mission

Internet vs Wi-Fi

As the general public, when we talk about our internet connectivity we refer to our connection as Wi-Fi. The reality is there is a big differance between Wi-Fi and our Internet connection. Let us explain this by breaking it down.


Internet is provided by an Internet Service Provider such as: Telkom, Vodacom, Vuma etc


The Router acts as gateway to the internet and usualy has two types of connections i.e. LAN and Wi-Fi


Wi-Fi is a connection type that, users are able to use to connect to the router giving them access to the Internet


Any device that connects to the router via Wi-Fi or LAN either using the Internet or just the connection. 

Our services

Intellifi provides Wi-Fi management systems to businesses that unlock growth and potential within their sfere.

Our Wi-Fi offering includes:

Branded landing pages
Content delivery
Registering to our network
Secure Connections
Content filtering
Business Intelligence reports
Database hosting

Why Intellifi

  • Easy integration of our Wi-Fi Management Solution
  • Effortless monitoring and control over Wi-Fi Management Solution
  • Compatible plug in solution that ensures compliance and unlocks day to day Wi-Fi business opportunities
  • No disruption to any ISP honoured contracts
  • Cost effective solution to enhance business intelligence
  • Pro-active and dedicated support
  • Sustainable innovation in the form of customer insight reports and deployment of other compatible analytic tools
  • User friendly, safe and secure public Wi-Fi Management system
  • Innovation through live interaction with clients in the form of gamification – understanding the client of the future and not only current client base

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