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Intellifi Specializes in Wi-Fi and the network surrounding your Wi-Fi, This is how we can help:

Seamless Home Wi-Fi Connections

Having Wi-Fi in your house does not mean you have Wi-Fi Coverage throughout your house, leaving your devices to disconnect or experience slow internet speeds, no matter what speed internet line you have.

Wi-Fi Dead Spot Signal Surveys

Installing additional access points in your house or using signal repeaters without knowing whether the repeater has bean installed in an area with sufficient signal deteriorates your network, Let us help.

Home Internet Connections (Fibre, LTE and Wireless)

We have a team of professionals that can assist you in selecting an Internet package that will benefit you most for the money you are willing to spend, ask our professional staff to guide you.

Other Services

Adult Content Blocker

Network Security

Network Installations

Remote Support

Advisory Services


Why Do you Need US?

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • I am on a Whatsapp call, all is well then I walk to the Kitchen and all of a sudden ……. reconnecting.
  • My TV in the Lounge is Streaming in HD but my TV in the room buffers.
  • I have all these Wi-Fi names and dont know to which one to connect and my connection keeps on dropping, OurLounge, TheKitchen, Jonny’sRoom, MomandandDadsRoom, Downstairs, Upstairs, Upstairs2 Etc.
  • I have a 100Mbps Fibre Line but still my internet is slow;

Our connectivity recomendation

Fibre - 9.6/10
Fixed LTE - 7.5/10
Wireless - 8.5/10
ADSL - 6.9/10

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