With Intellifi’s Home Network Management App the following security protocols are implemented on router level, securing your entire home network:

● Firewall
● Anti-Malware
● DDoS Protection
● Intrusion Alert
● DNS filtering and request management
● Content Filtering
● User Management

With Intellifi’s Public Wi-Fi Management Platform you are able to:

● Split your public network from your private local network.
● Block illicit content.
● Welcome users to your network – setting them at ease that they are on a safe Wi-Fi connection.
● Isolate users from each other.

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Have you ever wondered if you can block certain websites without disrupting your internet connection?

This is what Intellifi allows you to do. You can manage the type of content that is accessed through your network and apply these filtering rules to specific users/devices. To read more click here

The world is driven by digital connected devices such as cell phones, tablets, smart TV’s, etc. Digital parenting describes the efforts enforced by parents to support and guide their children in a digital environment.

Wi-Fi refers to the wireless technology (signal) that connects your devices to your router. The internet is the connection between your router and your internet service provider. Your device can be connected to Wi-Fi and not receive internet access. In short Wi-Fi is a connection medium and does not necessarily mean Internet.

Your network is connected to a large public network, called the Internet. This can be compared to your house in your neighborhood. When we install internet from your Internet Service Provider, you have built a driveway from your home to the street – the network between you and all the homes around you. You can now drive anywhere you want with your car using the road network, but so can everyone else – who has an internet connection. Just like you would install a fence and a front door to your house, you have to install the same for your internet connection. This is not provided by default by your Internet Service Provider, and therefore we purchase products such as Antiviruses, VPN’s, Anti-Malware, etc – the gate and front door to our Internet connections. If you don’t have these products installed on your network, or network devices your are susceptible to someone just walking in.

As we all know, once we have connected to a Wi-Fi network and we have entered the password of said Wi-Fi network, our devices remember the password forever.
The next time you are within reach of the Wi-Fi network, your device automatically reconnects to the saved Wi-Fi network. In meantime, someone named Mr Darth has read the Wi-Fi password that has been advertised on a board in a public space. He now knows the Wi-Fi name and Password which your device has saved.
Mr Darth can now broadcast a cloned version of the saved Wi-Fi network, from his phone!
Once you leave the public area where you were connected to the public Wi-Fi he merely needs to follow you from a safe distance for your phone to connect to his. Your device is now in his hand.