We change good old Wi-Fi into a powerful business tool

Intellifi Business Solutions

Our CORE Services

Intellifi specializes in Wi-Fi to business and the application of Wi-Fi in a business environment, enabling businesses to use Wi-Fi as a business tool or revenue driver.

Public Wi-Fi Management Solutions

Your Wi-Fi should be more than an amenity to customers, With our bespoke offering you can convert your Wi-Fi into a Intelligent System which will secure your customers, assist you with brand activation's and let you build a customer database.

Business Analytics and Insights

Providing public Wi-Fi over a managed solution provided by Intellifi, you are able to gather insights and analytics into your Wi-Fi users included but not limited to demographics, interests, contact details and trends.

Activation, Application and Monitization

Providing public Wi-Fi over a managed solution provided by Intellifi, you are able to run ad campaigns, deliver content from external parties or sell internet access vouchers over Wi-Fi to drive sales, awareness or revenue.

We also offer

Remote Support

Need a IT guy on your speed dial for all those little IT glitches you need to overcome, we have a dedicated support desk with highly skilled professionals waiting to assist.

Internet Connections

We serve as a layer 2 and 3 service provider in providing internet. Let us assist you to find the right internet connection that will suit your needs, budget and location.

Network Solutions

Whether you need to install a new network for a new office, need to add network security or have to upgrade existing network infrastructure, we have the solution for you.

Online Ordering

Receiving online orders thru 3rd party providers can be extremely costly and more often than not includes commission on sales made. Own your online ordering system and take control of costs and commissions.

Cloud Solutions

We offer an array of bespoke cloud solutions that will enable your business to grow, automate and centralize processes, data and systems like never before.

Value added services

System Integration

Advisory Services

Project Management

Procurement Management

Brand Activation's


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More about our Offering

Intellifi is a public Wi-Fi provider that manages companies public Wi-Fi hotspots, Our unique offering includes:

  • Branded and personalised Wi-Fi landing pages;
  • Cyber security on public networks;
  • POPI compliance;
  • To serve as a trusted adviser to our customers in selecting the right connectivity;
  • To assist companies in creating additional revenue streams; and 
  • To create opportunities to market their brand through activation and content delivery

Our connectivity recomendation

Fibre - 9.6/10
Fixed LTE - 7.5/10
Wireless - 8.5/10
ADSL - 6.9/10



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Why Intellifi

  • We deliver a tailored and personal service with 24/7 dedicated support;
  • Our team has extensive knowledge which will benefit the operations of our Customers and support your goal of not only servicing your clients but the community;
  • Client insight gathered will ensure accessible and usable data to better understand and service customer needs. These insights will drive social awareness and customer needs. Live interaction with our Customers users;
  • INTELLiFi adapts and creates products that are unique and according to our Customers requirements;
  • Our secure network ensures browsing and interactions with public Wifi at the comfort of our Customers users which is user friendly; and
  • INTELLiFi will assist you to identify, expose and enjoy the full benefits of public Wifi.

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