Intellifi Business Internet @ TSA

As a business owner

You have grown tired of policing your office

Your staff is spending countless hours being unproductive, browsing social media and catching up on the latest news.
With Intellifi you can manage your Team’s internet usage habits with ease. Want them to only read the news between 6 and 8 in the morning? No problem! Set your schedule and relax.

1. Productivity

Constantly looking over your staff’s shoulders to see if they are productive?

3. Hackers

Worrying about the real threat that your network will be hacked?

5. Support

Are you paying ridiculous amounts on IT-support SLA’s?

2. Network Abuse

Worrying about your Wi-Fi being abused?

4. Data Privacy

Are you constantly worrying that your information is unsecured?

Protect your business against all the major cyber threats

Manage What Your Staff Can Access

The internet is littered with red herrings and distractions that can decimate your business productivity if not managed properly. Our easy to use software solution allows you to manage the type of content, websites and other online resources that your staff can access during business hours.

Get network intrusion alerts when a new device connects to your network

Keeping your Wi-Fi password a secret is almost impossible. Whenever a new unknown device connects to your network, you will be alerted and able to make the call: Block or Accept the new user.

Keep your entire network protected with VPN and Anti-Malware

Your devices are only as secure as the VPN and Anti-Malware that you have installed on your computers. If your Anti-Malware is outdated by only one week, and your subscription becomes due, your network is no longer safe. Protect your entire network straight from the source with the latest updates, always!

Own your DNS to keep your internet records private

Owning your DNS requests means that the data sent over your internet connection is secure, private and redirects to fraudulent websites are prevented. You are also defended against the interception of your online credentials and the injection of malicious code into your system.

Unlimited remote support for your staff

There is nothing quite as frustrating as when one of your PC’s are not working; you are unable to print, your e-mails don’t work and your ISP wants to know if your router is plugged in? You need someone with proper IT knowledge – but then it takes forever to get an IT guy to help you. We’ve got you and your team covered with unlimited remote support and a 48 hour onsite SLA should you need someone to assist you in person.

Simple Setup

Your Main Router is loaded with our bespoke software to take full control and enables management of your network from the palm of your hand


Creates your local network and connects your business to the internet (Our Software is compatible with MikroTik)


Network Management software to put control back into your hands


Exclusive to The Success Academy Tenants

Designed to Keep you Connected and in Control

Connect your business and take control of your network with Intellifi’s simple solution

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No Contracts

If you’re not 100% satisfied with our product you can cancel anytime without any fees or penalties

Brilliant Support

Professional technicians ready to assist remotely or by phone

Proactive Monitoring

Our software is AI driven with live fault alerts and proactive monitoring

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